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The Nexus GPS Tracking solution helps us with being able to see vehicle routes, the load of the technical staff; with optimisation and monitoring driver behaviour, their faithfullnes and to compare information from other internal reports. In general, every single report from the tracking system is useful to us, but, the ones we use the most are: Roadmap, Fleet Summary, Vehicle Usage, Driving Style, Daily Activity, Consumption, Parking and Speed. Going by our experience with the technical support department, we can say that our requests were solved in good time.

Eugen Tescan - Bergerat Monnoyeur & Eneria

The Nexus GPS Tracking solution has helped us very much in our activity, by allowing us to monitor our ambulance fleet, assuring a tight connection throughout our Administrative, Dispatch and Ambulance departments. The most useful report is the Roadmap report, which helps us with generating reports regarding the hospitals where pacients were transported, the locations where we had to take actions and with other activities that we carried out. The Nexus technical support team has helped us every time by solving every encountered problem and acting promptly. At the moment, the Nexus GPS Tracking system covers all the needs for carying out our activities.

Andrei Cristescu - Puls Medica