GPS Tracking sistems - reliable and adaptable for any kind of activity or work environment

Nexus GPS Tracking works by using the Nexus Telematics Systems.                                                                                                        External senzors can be easily mounted on those equipments.

Nexus Telematics GT1e - adaptable GPS Tracking equipment for vehicles

Nexus Telematics GT1e is the simplest and most stable GPS Tracking device for vehicles, it is flexible and has a customizable reporting feature.

This device has an advanced real time tracking function. The product is designed on an easily expandable platform, that ca meet any Client requirements. It can connect to external sesors through different entry and exit ports for signals, through the RS-232 interface. It also has the ability to connect to a CAN interface.

This is the tried and true solution for the majority of your projects.

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Nexus Telematics S8.3 - GPS Tracking equipment with an integrated CAN-BUS Interface

More flexible and adaptable than Nexus Telematics GT1e, the S8.3 GPS tracking device is equipped with an integrated CAN-BUS reader, which collects data straight from the vehicle's on-board computer.

This device has the same advanced real time tracking capacity and more slots used for connecting auxiliary equipment. It is the perfect choice when you need fast accest to reliable information about your fleet.

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Auxiliary Equipment

Litrometric Probe - Easily control diesel fuel business needs and prevent theft


  • Precisely measure the existing fuel level 
  • Detect suspicios volume variations
  • Easy to install
  • Can be mounted on most fuel tanks
  • The lenght of the instrument can be adjusted, before installation, without the need for recalibration
  • Protection from electricity spikes
  • Connections can pe sealed
  • The product package includes every accessory needed for installation and connection.

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AIC 904/908 VERITAS Flowmeter - Ideal for vehicle fleets management systems

The flowmeter measures the fuel consumption of diesel vehicles.

There is no need for a connection with the vehicle's electric devices in order for the flowmeter to work.

This equipment is factory-calibrated, but an aditional custom calibration can be done on request.


  • Precise measurement of the fuel consumption
  • Can measure any type of diesel fuel, including biofuel
  • Simple Installation
  • Adaptable for any injection based engine
  • 2 Measuring modes: direct and differential

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Temperature Sensor - Keep your merchandise in the ideal environment

The temperature sensor helps to precisely detect the temperature from the vehicle's storage space.


- Fast Installation

- Compact Dimensions

- It connects directly to the GPS Tracking device

- Operating temperature: between -55°C and +125°C

RFID Reader - For Driver Identification

Device used for reading RFID cards.

It is the perfect equipment used for identifying the driver of a vehicle.


  • Prevents unauthorized use of company vehicles
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced RFID Technology
  • It connects directly to the GPS Tracking devices